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Doctor at Home

Doctor-at-Home is a fully accredited and established doctor service. Our service is to provide a high quality and reliable medical service from renowned Doctor to the residents of all the greater Kathmandu communities. We are glad that the day has come when patients not need to run from pillar to post looking for a good doctor. We have a large team of excellent GPs on the road, ready to visit you in your own home.

Doctor-at-Home offers the following integrated communications platform subscription benefits: Personal assistance with data management in the Personal Health Records (PHR) platform (collectively “PHR Support”) which includes:

  • Tracking chronic medical conditions
  • Health measurements such as height/weight and BMI
  • Blood pressure
  • Medications and allergies
  • Emergency contact information
  • Results of most recent physical or wellness visit
  • Dates and results of tests and screenings
  • Major illnesses and surgeries
  • Family illness history
  • Vaccination

In addition to the PHR Support outlined above, the Private Practice will also provide the Patient the following non-medical and medical amenities (collectively with PHR Support, “Amenities”) beyond Plan benefits:

  • Telephone and electronic communication through an advanced smart phone application providing health, diet, nutrition and fitness education;
  • Home visits for routine, medically appropriate, non-emergent situations;
  • Lab test made available at your own home or any desired convenient place
  • A customized physiotherapy treatment plan for you from the very first visit, setting you on the road of recovery.
  • Prime appointment times for routine, non-urgent or educational/consultative appointments; M
  • Monthly prescription medication delivery
  • Antenatal care during your pregnancy
  • Vaccination for children
  • Same or next business day telephone and electronic communication response time for nonemergent inquiries;
  • Hospital visits, as appropriate, to assist the Patient in making medical decisions and to ensure that the Patient understands the care and treatment being provided by hospital staff, at facilities where the Private Practice physician has privileges;

Our doctor service operates in following manner:

  • Our professional Doctors will visit patient house once in a month for follow-up checkups and do any require tests. All the notes and updates will be stored securely in patient’s file by our dedicated staffs for future reference.
  • Patients who are unwell can ring our call centre and book a Doctor visit, once the call centre receptionists have booked the call it is sent out to our doctor/driver teams on the road.
  • The patient is treated and we offer a range of services.
  • If the patient is in need of any medications we can provide them with a script.
  • The doctor’s bags have a supply of common medications so if the chemists are shut or the patient finds it difficult to leave the house the doctors can leave them with a starter pack.
  • The doctors can order blood tests or x-rays.
  • If necessary we can supply patients with a referral to the hospital.
  • Once the consultation has concluded the doctor writes the clinical notes for the consultation.
  • The clinical notes are then stored in patient personal file as in future reference.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service that is of great assistance to the community in the following ways:

  • People who are disabled, elderly or are without transport can have much easier access to primary health care.
  • Single parents can have their child or themselves attended to after hours without having to take the whole family out of the house. The parents might be old, have children, have low mobility or can’t leave the house due to the medical problem. It might be them that are sick or one of their children or an elderly relative can now have easier access to Doctors.
  • We greatly help to alleviate strain on Hospital Accident & Emergency departments.
  • Patients can wait in the comfort of their own home for a doctor to attend to them.
  • By keeping patients out of waiting rooms we help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • The Next Day Appointment Service at no charge, where a review of the Nominated Member's condition in the short term is Clinically Appropriate.
  • We are a bulk bill service, so everyone can use us. If you have a Member card, the visit is free!


Whether you are a patient, a doctor contractor, a stakeholder or an employee, we will:

  • Deliver a consistent, high quality service
  • Communicate clearly, simply and decisively
  • Be reassuring and responsive to individual needs
  • Uphold professional standards (integrity, accountability, safety and collegiality)
  • Constantly strive to do even better
  • Respect the confidence patients place in us


As home visiting doctors we treat all kinds of patients, with all kinds of injuries and illnesses. Many patients don’t realise the importance of having a regular doctor whom they see over a number of years, sometimes even a lifetime. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is so important to have your own doctor:

Someone who knows you

Having a regular doctor means he or she can get to know you. Developing a relationship with a doctor will make you feel more comfortable and allow more open communication. The relationship builds mutual knowledge, understanding and trust. Having a regular doctor will mean that you won’t have to repeat information about the medications you take, or your previous medical history, as your doctor will always have this important information in your medical notes.

Advice on preventative health

Health is not just about treating and curing illness. It is also about taking sensible, preventative measures to ensure you can live your life in the best of health. Doctors’are involved in many preventative activities throughout a person’s life, such as:

  • Advice on all types of immunisations to prevent diseases
  • Advice on how to prevent or detect early cancers such as skin checks, PAP smears and breast checks
  • Advice on how to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease such as advice on how to give up smoking, lower your cholesterol, regular BP checks, how to maintain a healthy weight range.
  • How to prevent diabetes and early detection of diabetes
  • Prevention of osteoporosis

Your doctor is best placed to advise you what preventative activities are available for your stage of life.

Continuing and coordinated care

Your doctor is the main person responsible for coordinating your care if your condition requires involvement of other health professionals. This could be a referral to a medical specialist, or allied health professionals such as a psychologist or podiatrist. Other health carers acknowledge this important role of your doctor and therefore communicate details of any consultations with you to your doctor. By doing this, your doctor can take responsibility for your continuity of care.

Management of chronic conditions

Doctor-at-Home manage chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma and Arthritis, just to name a few. Doctor-at-Home can also complete a Care Plan for many chronic conditions. This has been shown to significantly improve outcomes for patients. The Care Plan approach involves you more in the ongoing care of your condition. It also allows a team-based approach to your care by involving other health professionals such as physiotherapists, General Practitioners, Medical Officers and dieticians, giving access to Medicare rebates for their involvement.

Local Knowledge

Your doctor will have detailed knowledge of what services are available in your local area to support you when needed. This is important for many conditions, but particularly so for people who suffer from mental health issues where counseling services are crucial. Your doctor should be your first port of call for all your health care issues.

Our Vision

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To transform health care services in Kathmandu so they are increasingly delivered at home, in a safe and caring environment, with quality patient care delivering excellent outcomes.

Our Work Timing

  • Sun - Fri 09:00am - 06:00pm (Guaranteed Services)
  • Saturday On Doctors Availability
  • Off Hours On Doctors Availability
  • Call Services 24/7 Service

Our Mission

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To provide quality medical home care services through out Nepal.